Allow connection. Whatever's going on, we can discover what's real.

Authentic relief for adults suffering from PTSD or maltreated as children including traumatic bonding. Although I call it as I see it, I'm also accepting, intimate, and supportive. Freedom from being emotionally: threatened intimidated, ignored, abandoned, and rejected, or humiliated. Let go of conflicting anger and resentment, indifference to separation, shame from supporting an abuser,
guilt and blaming. I help build a proud you.

Waking every day with curiosity... what's in the way? Perhaps it's all confusing
or things just can't keep going as they are. When anxiety and fears are too much, connection opens surprising possibilities and invites a "you" that's real.
I foster relationships of safety and trust, to experiencing meaning, and feel alive. Developing self intimacy and investing in a life long partner are difficult. Together we can look for ease, and find new ways to feel honest and
at ease, anywhere.

From my work in psychiatric hospitals, I use safety and mindfulness to guide towards comfortable resolves. Together we can relieve: anxiety, stress, insomnia, nightmares, suicidal thoughts, panic, sadness, depression, grief, and low self esteem. Every circumstance, employer, and friend wants your unique capacities and perspective. What’s holding you back?

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A  L  L  O  W    C  O  N  N  E  C  T  I  O  N