z e p h  l o c k e

A  L  L  O  W    C  O  N  N  E  C  T  I  O  N

Throughout my life, I’ve found allowing emotional connection, brings hope and prosperity. Even extreme trauma, has humbly shown me an amazing peaceful life. It is my continual goal to allow any immediate experience to create positive resiliency. In staying curious through every experience, I've had the rich honor of turning helplessness, hopelessness, and loss into ease.

In private practice, I provide relief by guiding through distresses of: anxiety, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, abandonment, sadness, grief, self-esteem, vulnerability, stress, and crisis. Specific challenges include traumas of medical, developmental, and attachment. In hospitals and community clinics, I have supported having multiple diagnosis of PTSD, psychosis,

schizophrenia, bipolar, chemical dependency, trauma and more. I provide functional assessments, case management advocacy, coping skills education, and crisis relapse plans.
I have taught self-nurturance with maintenance plans for positive outcomes.
Even in extreme cases, there is always hope.

My orientation includes Mindfulness, Humanistic, Brief Depth, Positive Strength Based, Attachment, Gottman, Integral, and Gestalt …all an integrative mix suggesting a real, in-person, experience heals. I invite you to snoop around the connection page and see if your feel at home. My hope is to bring depth, clarity, and compassion to every human endeavor — be it a relationship with your partner, neighbors, or the universe.