Allow connection. Whatever's going on, we can discover what's real.

I am a clinical therapist practicing in Berkeley, providing treatment for trauma, depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders, and outdated strategies. My primary goal is establishing resiliency through a trusting relationship. I strive towards stability,
living in the community, better understanding ourselves in relationships, and relieving troubling symptoms or problems. Each individual, couple or family is unique. Together we can clarify what’s happening, look for the ease, and find new ways for you to feel honestly alive.
I incorporate treatment experience from hospitalization programs and strive to maintain the right balance of support and challenge. I listen for both what is said and not said and bring attention to emerging feelings, connections, and insights. This is joined with a client’s task of being open and honest. Therapy is collaboration through a careful problem evaluation and an agreed treatment plan. Although successful therapy can be uncomfortable, painful, and even funny,... trust and respect in the therapeutic relationship are essential to enable change. Experiencing new ways for you to feel honestly alive allows you to reclaim the freedom of intentionally
practicing your own success.

I offer a free twenty-minute phone consultation to discuss primary concerns, and see if I can help. Connection opens surprising possibilities and invites a “you” that is real. What are you waiting for?

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